Our Story

“An XLA is simply a commitment to deliver a desired or promised experience.”

~ Bill Barrett

Our Story

The “yin and yang” of innovation and implementation

In 2019 Alan Nance and Bill Barrett created the global thought leader in the Art and Science of Experience for enterprises, XLACollab. The core of their approach is the XLA (the Experience Level Agreement).

Leading to this moment, Alan and Bill worked closely for over 25 years. They work as a “yin and yang” of innovation and implementation. Alan is a renowned IT visionary, and Bill is the ultimate Global IT Service Delivery executive. Their partnership, forged by fire, has stood the test of time.

Alan and Bill first came together to lead Hewlett-Packard’s North American Outsourcing Operations and to create a powerhouse in the sourcing industry.

Together they pioneered transformational outsourcing, creating the best practices that generated $7 billion in sales in the first year.

Alan Nance
Bill Barret

Within XLACollab, they have built a solid experience management practice based on Bill’s understanding of leading large IT services delivery organizations within HP, and Alan’s groundbreaking digital transformation projects at ING Bank, Royal Philips, Barclays, and Schiphol Airport.

This codified expertise and capability will accelerate your journey to modern experience management.

The reason we call it the Art & Science of Experience is, in part, because of Alan’s vision (art) and Bill’s execution (science).
The Experience Optimization Framework works. It enables enterprises to provide Experience that matters to the business.
~ Lisa Schwartz
About Us

Building on the Art & Science of Experience

Nance and Barrett’s deep expertise in business experience (BX) and employee experience (EX) makes XLACollab a formidable force in the experience management scene. “Our understanding of technology and service management allows us to combine operational data, sentiment data, and cultural data to pinpoint the EX issues that impact business performance at scale,” states Nance. While most organizations base their EX solutions on periodic employee survey data gleaned from KPIs, XLACollab helps them go a step forward to using XIs to build concrete solutions that are more efficient in delivering optimal employee experiences.

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We help enterprise organizations create and manage a valued and valuable employee experience that matters for their business

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