Employee Experience

XLA Academy feature

Why is digital employee experience a hot topic now?

Essence of Experience

  • Post-pandemic work patterns must offer a rich, deep, and different employee experience.
  • Use meaningful micro-experiences based not on technical personas, but experience personas to design a new way of working to combine internal and external ecosystems of work.
  • Gen-Z has arrived, and Millennials are taking over the executive roles. They demand passionate employee engagement from the business. Meeting their expectations is key to successful recruitment, productivity, and retention.
  • Technology teams are more than “a cost to be cut.” Experience management is the opportunity for these talented teams to create value that matters to the business.
  • Scientific management of services has had its best day. There is limited to no return on further investment in ITIL, SLAs, and KPIs. The new management tools of choice center on experience management rather than process management. XLAs (experience level agreements) and XIs (experience indicators.)

Marc Mulzner


“For 20 years I have built capability architectures for employees, now I know my future efforts need to be focused on building experience architectures instead.”

Marc Mulzer – VP Global Infrastructure, Hertz

What does good look like in the experience economy?

While there are no standard answers, authoritative voices inform us:

  • A good experience is always what the business consumer values and seldom what we think it is or should be.
  • An experience level agreement (XLA) is so much more than a survey. It is a fit for purpose design.
  • A meaningful experience is not a transaction, but a cumulative dynamic sentiment established over time and calibrated often.
  • The traditional practice of building standard capabilities to manage a service, give way to an experience architecture catering to people as they adopt different personas as they perform different roles during their day.
  • Experience isn’t about the psychology of the individual but how you make people feel at scale in a way that matters to your business.