“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the experience a little bit better.”

~ Jeff Bezos 


Advisory Services

Relentless focus on efficiency leaves technology teams and outsourcers competing on cost. In the experience economy, cost management is no longer the critical success factor. In the service economy, executives were driven by ROI and the Time Value of Money. In the Experience Economy, the critical success factor is the Money Value of Time. Time is a scarce asset that cannot be reclaimed or reused, only spent. When an employee, supplier, or customer commits their time to you, your product or your service is that creating sufficient value for them? How do you know? How can you ensure that you provide an optimal money value for their time?

Change the game and focus on business outcomes and how they make people feel. Experience management is the key to business success.

Our advisory services create awareness and engagement with executive leaders on the need and value of staging a great employee experience.

Strategic Advisory

Our strategic advisory services are designed to assist your executive leaders to become aware of the need for and value of delivering experience.
We focus on understanding the underlying issues rather than the symptoms that cause experience disappointments.

We can quickly help you understand your current experience landscape and provide a roadmap to a robust, scalable XLA operational solution.

Strategic Advisory

Our XLA Advisory team guides organizations to take a significant step forward in the customer and user experience

We assist in developing your understanding of the business value of experience and why you need to proceed

Vision and Strategy

Determining a vision then an appropriate strategy for how to proceed

Roadmap the path forward

Transformation planning the patterns, possibilities and pathways solutions tailored to your business realities.


Customer Vision
current experience landscape
experience outcomes from ambition
experience outcomes from ambition
experience pain points from the current landscape
defining the commitments to deliver the promised ambition